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What could make degradable takeaway packaging?

The production of degradable takeaway packaging

Advantages of degradable takeaway packaging

Where to buy  degradable takeaway packaging

What could make degradable Takeaway Packaging?

Takeaway degradable packaging is a mixture of plastic that breaks down by bacteria and fungi.

To make it, you need oxygen, water warmth from the soil or environment as well as some kind of nutrients so they can break them apart faster when buried underground with no life present to help speed things along.

The decomposition of bioplastics is also called biodegradation or bioremediation.

The production of biodegradable takeaway packaging is a much better alternative to regular plastics made from fossil fuels.

Unlike those harmful chemicals, this sustainable material can be manufactured using renewable raw materials such as plants or even waste products!


The Production of  degradable takeaway packaging

Takeaway containers are made from a combination of biodegradable plastics and other sustainable materials.

Bioplastics come in many forms, but they all have one thing in common: They're derived from natural sources like tapioca or cornstarch when possible!

The second big ingredient is polylactic acid - found naturally on trees around the world.

With the development of new materials like PLA, we can now break our dependency on single-use items.

PLA is a bioplastic that has been developed for use in disposable food ware which usually appears as cups and cutlery; this material consists mostly out cardboard boxes with some other components to hold foods such as burgers or chips.


Advantages of  degradable takeaway packaging

Easy to degrade


Biodegradable takeaway containers are made from plant-based materials such as cornstarch and sugarcane.

These biological processes help convert them into natural products that have been known to be environment friendly


Biodegradable takeaway boxes are a great alternative to plastic.

Not only do they break down much faster when exposed to an environment with high temperatures,
but these biodegraded products actually have the potential of being recycled into new material!


Biodegradable plastics break down into water and carbon dioxide gas in a natural way,
while bioplastic made from sugar cane or cornstarch does so within just 14 days.

Reducing reliance on oil reserves

With a large amount of bioplastic made out of plants, we become less dependent on oil reserves and more sustainable as a nation. This helps lower our carbon footprint while making biodegradable takeaway containers for your food trays that much better!


Biodegrading is a much more environmentally friendly method for disposal than burning these types of wastes because it doesn't release harmful chemicals into the air as combustion does!


The use of bioplastic takeaway containers is one way we can avoid the negative effects that burning plastics has on our air quality and ecosystem.


Where to buy  degradable takeaway packaging

Below you will find a total of 10 suppliers

Takeaway Packaging

Takeaway Packaging's bespoke design service will give your brand the final touches it needs for a package that stands out from other products on shelves!

With our expert help, we can create custom designs tailored specifically to you and taste.

We want to ensure quality ingredients without paying an overpriced price due their uniqueness or popularity among consumers who enjoy trying new things.


Ecopackers wants to help you make your brand or company stand out by creating custom packages that are perfect for them no matter where they're located,

all while pursuing creativity and innovation.



Versupack started in 2008 as a distribution company for the Horeca and Industrial sector of Baltic States.

We provide recyclable plastic packaging materials to environmentally friendly disposable food service containers, which are highly focused on sustainability including compostability or biodegradable production practices What we do helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint while still delivering great customer service!


Harvest, a company located in Foshan City Guandong province China has been dedicated to providing safe efficient, and eco-friendly food packaging solutions for customers both domestically as well internationally through distribution channels that span over 10 years of experience.

They offer general or biodegradable plastic packages along with paperboard folding & molds made out.


Ambican Distribution Ltd.

Are you looking for environmentally friendly solutions to your packaging needs?

fruit boxes lunch pouches disposable shower sheets takeaway box Nespresso capsules spare parts presentation supplies packing material erasers ice cubes molds sushi papers serviettes napkins toilet paper twist ties plastic straws stirrers balloon bouquet - any occasion!


Vegware helps restaurants stand out from other businesses with their eco-friendly foodservice packaging options, which are perfect for cafes that want to meet government regulations or even go green.


The GDC group's trademark OSQ provides a range of sustainable packaging solutions that are 100% locally designed and developed, in total compliance with industry regulations.

The innovation at the heart our business comes from an internal R&D team who creates eco-friendly paperboard resources combined with biodegradable films for windows to surpass Chinese & European analogs while still meeting all global standards!

Good start packaging

Good Start Packaging was founded in 2009 by two friends who were passionate about helping businesses understand how important it is to be sustainable. They realized that Recycling isn't enough - we also need composting, which helps us create healthier soil for plants and people!
Our affordable pricing options include comprehensive recycling programs so clients can feel confident!


We believe in living sustainably, which means we make eco-friendly products that are made with earth friendly materials.

We do our best to eliminate chemicals of concern like bisphenols , phthalates and endocrine disruptors from all parts of the production process so you can be safe while also living responsibly.

Enviropack Ltd

If you're looking for environmentally friendly packaging that degrades or composts when disposed of in landfills then Enviropack is your go-to supplier.

They offer a range from quality products at affordable prices and flexible volumes so no matter what kind of business premisesusts are catering too they can provide the right solution!




If you're looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable option when it comes to taking out food or other necessities, biodegradable takeaway packaging is the way to go.
It's time to make that switch from traditional plastic packages!

We’re always happy to help! If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your time

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