The most common type of void fill is air pillows, which can be used for shipping and storing fragile objects.


Foam peanuts are another option to consider when looking at your options in terms of insulation value;

they provide better protection than plastic bags but don't pack quite as much punch aesthetically speaking!


6 Reliable Packaging Companies for the Cheapest Void Fill


But if you're not familiar with these kinds of voids within product packages then it might be confusing trying to find out what they mean

- especially when purchasing them as part of an effort towards solving larger problems at the workplace!

Don't worry though; That's why we wrote this blog post.


Different types of void fill

6 trusted packaging companies for the lowest cost void fill

Different types of void fill



Packing up your house can be such a hassle when you have to pack everything in leak-proof containers that will keep things safe from getting wet or damaged.


If don't want an eco-friendly way of doing this, then consider using polystyrene packing peanuts!


cheapest void fill

Cushioning Foam

Cushion foam offers a variety of blendable elastomeric polymers that can be mixed to produce different types and qualities for cushioning needs.


It's an excellent choice when packaging fragile items such as household appliances,

lighting fixtures or even glassware because the flexible material will prevent damage from occurring in storage areas with hard surfaces like concrete walls.


Cell Polyethylene Foam

These highly versatile packaging materials can protect your product from any form of damage that might be inflicted during transportation.


Whether you need cushioning for delicate goods, or protection against changes in climate and pressure levels - these different types have what it takes!


Poly Propylene Plastic

Polypropylene plastic has many benefits depending on how it will be used.


For instance, this durable and inexpensive material is great at blocking transportation damage if you're shipping an item that could easily suffer from moisture or oil exposure during storage (ex: food).


On the other hand, polypro provides less protection against abrasion when handled roughly than some more expensive alternatives such as foil wrap films.


Cardboard Boxes

cardboard boxes are a common type of void-fill packaging that can be made from different corrugated sheets.


These provide varying levels of protection against damage during transportation and also offer some leveler in case it rains or humidity increases due to altitude differences, etc., but all this varies depending on what you're trying to do with your product.


Pillow Packs

Pillow packs provide a variety of benefits depending on the conditions they are stored in.


For example, when exposed to rain and humidity for an extended period pillow paks can act like barriers against these elements which would otherwise damage sensitive products within its interior space

- such as electronics or food items susceptible to rapid changes between hot temperatures one day followed by cold ones another!


Foam Cushioning

The popularity of foam cushioning is undeniable. Made with different types of inflatable polymer,

it's incredibly flexible and soft to the touch.


The various forms offer benefits depending on how they'll be used - whether as a great barrier against transportation damage due its own flexibility or

if you need more protection for your product in high-pressure environments


Cushioning Bubble Wrap

The different types of inflatable packaging can provide a range of services for businesses.


For instance, they may be used to minimize transportation damages during shipping or act as an outer layer against heat and cold climates in the climate zone where it is being stored.


Air Pillows

With a pillow made of air, you can protect your items from damage due to movement and shock.


The inexpensive option works best when heavy things need to be moved or shipped, but it's important that you inflate them fully before use!


Foam peanuts

These polystyrene foam void fills are an effective way to prevent the movement of items that are stored or shipped.


The works by allowing objects to settle into its cracks rather than between them, keeping surrounding surfaces clean from scratches.


Void fill is great for protecting your items during shipping or storage.


For example, businesses use it to safely pack their goods without the risk of damage from bumping into each other and breaking apart in transit.


6 trusted packaging companies for the lowest cost void fill


A global leader in packaging, Amcor looks back over the almost 160 years of growth with aspirations to be both a leading company and one that listens closely for opportunities.


Today's world offers many challenges - from customer needs evolving rapidly through changing consumer tastes or tightened environmental standards;

but also our ever-evolving quest as humans on this planet: what does it mean now?


How can we help make life better together while being kinder towards nature?

We do so by deploying expertise across all aspects including design thinking which helps us see new possibilities beyond just traditional boundaries

Adress: Zurich, Thurgauerstrasse 34, CH-8050, Zürich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)44 316 1717


Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation is a leading aluminum packaging solutions provider to the beverage, personal care, and household products industries as well as aerospace companies.

Founded in 1880 by George S lonely Jr., Ball has been family-owned since then with operations currently located worldwide including over 21 thousand employees working across 70 countries!

In addition, they supply innovative sustainable technologies for commercial clients such as governments which include supplying food cans that are more environmentally friendly than their counterparts on the market today while also reducing costs through increased productivity

Address: 9200 W. 108th Circle, Westminster, CO 80021
Tel: (303) 469-3131

Crown's holdings

Crown's packaging solutions are well-suited to address each of these interpretations of "value" thanks in part because they offer significant value for brand owners, retailers, and consumers alike.

The creative metal enclosure designs have been an integral part of our company’s success by delivering innovative products that meet global standards while also providing added protection against damaging elements

such as moisture or temperature fluctuations during transport; all this without sacrificing aesthetic appeal!

Address: Crown Holdings, Inc.
770 Township Line Road
Yardley, PA 19067 USA
Tel: +1 (215) 698-5100



PrimePac is a design house that specializes in creating fresh, creative packages for clients around the world.

We have experts with decades of experience and a network spanning multiple industries to help you bring your ideas into reality - we'll tailor-make it works!

Our dedicated sales team can do no wrong when they're backed up by experienced warehouse workers as well as designers holding down production posts right here across Asia.

And what about those pesky values? They lie at heart, not just in workplace rituals but also in something deeply rooted within our business model: integrity; innovation; passion

Address: 63-66 Fifth Floor Suite
23 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8LE


Tel: (02) 9008 1338
(02) 9008 1394



Ningbo Hexing Packaging Co., Ltd.

We are the leading manufacturer of packaging products in China, with an output value of over 38 million US dollars.

We have been providing for our customer's needs since 2007 and are located 75 kilometers away from Ningbo port on Shangchung Road (Cixi Shengbao Multicolor Printing Packing Co., Ltd).

We've specialized in making boxes of all kinds such as corrugated carton boxes, color printing packaging;

Gift wrapping material including handbags paper cards manuals etc.; display shelves made out of adhesives stickers booklets magazines

Address: Simen Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China / Industrial Road, Industrial Development Zone, Zhangqi Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province China


TEL: +86-574-62125781 +86-574-62125189



We're not just a supplier. We are your partner that can provide you with quality products and services at competitive prices, and fuel innovation for growth in the marketplace.

All while maintaining our high standards of customer care throughout every phase of production!

We are the perfect solution for packaging needs, with operations around the world and expertise in every shopping category.

We provide an unbeatable portfolio of paper products to help brands win across all boards by working together on our incredible range!

Address: 1000 Abernathy Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

Tel: +1 (770) 448-2193



We are a company that creates innovative packaging and engineered products.

We do this every day by leveraging our unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise to serve customers around the world through various channels both online as well in stores near you!

Harnessing what makes us different which includes 47k+ employees across more than 295 locations working together with partners on creative projects for future needs while also looking at how they can be part of creating an economy where everything lasts longer - called "the circularity."

Address: P.O. Box 959
Evansville, IN USA 47706-0959

General Information: (812) 424-2904





We recommend checking out some of the top packaging companies that offer cheap void fill.

These providers have a proven track record for quality and customer satisfaction, so you can be sure your products will arrive safely!


If you have any other tricks to reduce shipping costs? Please comment below.



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